Trade The Forex Online Course

Trade The Forex Online Course

Discounted by 88%

Learn how to buy and sell currencies easily online with this exciting and fast-paced Forex training course. Designed for beginners, the course takes you through 20 easy-to-understand modules teaching you everything you need to know to start trading and making real money. Book your place for only £24.00!

Modules include:

  • Why trade at all? And why spread bet?
  • Setting Goals
  • Tax and the Inland Revenue
  • Equipment Required
  • How It Works (Simple Deals Explained)
  • Intraday Trades
  • Rolling Trades
  • Stop Loss & Limit Setting
  • Opening Demo & Real Accounts
  • Online Bookmakers
  • Data Collection
  • Simple Trading Methods
  • Trading Psychology
  • Reading the Signals
  • Arbitrage
  • Technical Analysis
  • Charts for Advanced Analysis
  • Technical Indicators
  • Useful Information & Binary Trading
  • See full course info here

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  • Understand the fascinating world of Forex
  • Learn how to buy and sell currencies
  • 20 in-depth learning modules
  • Fully accessed and approved by IVCAS
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Discounted by 88%